SDA Meetup: Art works from the African Diaspora with Valarie Poitier

10/21/2023 02:00 PM - 12/21/2023 06:00 PM ET


SDA Meetup: This is an opportunity to discuss the tools, techniques, materials, themes, and color palettes that have been used to create Afrocentric and African American art works over the past fifty years. Each month we will look at a variety of art works and share our knowledge about the art or artifacts that may have inspired the work. We will also use a series of questions to keep us engaged and provide an opportunity to share knowledge about the art, artifacts, and artisans. 

Facilitator: Valarie Poitier

Date and time(convert timezone): October 21 at 2pm ET; November 21 at 6pm ET; December 21 at 6pm ET


SDA Meetups connect individuals from around the globe in virtual groups based on disciplines and/or shared interests. Makers from all backgrounds and experience levels are valuable participants, and joining in a Meetup is a great way to make a positive impact by connecting with the SDA community. 

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