Fall 2011 Canadian Perspectives

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Fall 2011
Vol 36, No 1
Theme: Canadian Perspectives



Gentle Giant: Barb Hunt, Kai Chan, and Sharon Kallis Reflect Canadian Identity
By Gloria Hickey

The Dark Path of the Fairy Tale Forest: Journeying Deep into Lesley Richmond’s Tree Series
By Sheila Martineau

Frances Dorsey: Lessons for Being Human
By Suzanne Smith Arney

Primary Source 1: Interview with David Kaye (Director, David Kaye Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Primary Source 2: Interview with Sarah Quinton (Curatorial Director, The Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Miriam Grenville: Softening the Blows
By Gil McElroy

The Pangnirtung Tapestry Studio: A Prismatic View
1: Weaving Inuit Past and Present Together
By Patricia Malarcher 
2: Establishing a Looming Tradition
By Don Stuart
3: Teaching and Learning in the Arctic
By Murray Gibson
4: Inuit Tapestry Comes of Age
By Deborah Hickman
5: Stitching Cultural Connections
By Dorothy Caldwell

A Portuguese Diary
By Pat Loucks

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