Summer 2011 Paper & Books

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Summer 2011
Vol 35, No 4
Theme: Paper & Books



Mary Hark’s Paper of Substance
By Jody Clowes

Report from the Field: Hand Papermaking in Kumasi
By Mary Hark

Jiyoung Chung: A Paper Romance
By Karen Searle

The Combat Paper Project: Repurposing Memories
By Allison Roscoe

The Power of Process: Amy Jacobs
By Katey Schultz

Embracing Ritual Art: Leslie Nobler
By Rachel B. Cochran

Solving Personal Riddles: Sculpting Evidence in Paper and Fabric
Marguerite Jay Gignoux
By Carol Henderson

World Winds Blow: The Artist Books of Karen Guancione
By A.M. Weaver

Paper in the ‘Hood
Wendy Akin, Jody Alexander, Melody Overstreet, Lisa Hochstein, Rob Larson, Will Marino
By Daniella Woolf

Neon CRM by Neon One