Spring 2018 Pattern

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“Unlearning to Quilt” by Mallory Nezam
“Why A Glossary?” by Aaron McIntosh
“Pattern Making: The Digital And The Analogue” by Elisalex de Castro Peake
“Cosmology in Repeat” by Robert Mertens
Informed Source: “The Patterns of our Lives” by Judy Newland
Emerging Voices: Kath Forgan
On Display 
In Print: “Anni Albers: On Weaving” by Janis Jefferies
In Review: “Process and Practice: 40 Years of Experimentation” reviewed by Joyce Beckenstein
In Review: “Dali and Schiaparelli: In Daring Fashion reviewed” by Maggie Duffy
Spotlight on Education: “George Fox University” by Breanne Sherwood

Neon CRM by Neon One