Summer 2022 Raised by a Maker

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Summer 2022 / Volume 46 / Number 2


06 Interwoven Time: Saipua and the Farm at World's End by Ginger Knowlton
12 A Funky-Chic Urban Aesthetic: Art, Creativity and the Domestic Interiors of 
African American Homemakers and Caretakers in Seattle, Washington by Paulette Young
18 Raised by a Maker: Irma Sofia Poeter by Julia Dixon Evans
24 Exposing History: Color, Taste, and Textiles by Nikki Fragala Barnes


30 Exposure
A Gallery of Future Tense 2022 Select Artists

32 In The Studio
What’s on Your Needles, Son?
by Jonathan Kirkendall

36 Raised By a Quilter 
by Troy Murrah

40 Flora Fauna Family
by Angelina Martin

42 In Conversation
José Picayo: An Indirect Transfer of Knowledge 
by Nomi Kleinman

46 First Person 
Raised by a Maker
by Adrienne Rogers

48 Jugaad: About a Culture Of Looms
by Nishra Ranpura

52 Maazi-e Hunarmand (The Forgotten Heroes)
by Sadia Kausar

56 In Print 
This Long Thread: Women of Color on Craft, Community, And Connection
Reviewed by Astrid Hilger Bennett

58 In Review
Marilyn Pappas: A Retrospective
Reviewed by Caroline Kipp

Sheila Hicks: Off Grid
Reviewed by Janis Jefferies

Neon CRM by Neon One