Spring 2022 Fiber Revolution

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Spring 2022 / Volume 46 / Number 1


00 A Beautiful Shame: The Anti-Monuments Of Susie Ganch 
by matt lambert 

00 Resilience In Circular Culture
by Ginger Knowlton

00 The Convergence Of Handicraft And Technological Innovation: New Trends In Fiber Art
by Yue Song

00 Grown Beneath Our Feet 
by Jessica Hemmings

00 Kintra Fibers: Synthetic Textiles For A More Sustainable Future
by Rebecca Mcnamara 


00 Exposure 

A Gallery of SDA Members’ Work

00 In The Studio

Fences Make Poor Neighbors by Joan Truckenbrod

00 First Person

Heavenly Knitchet by Heavenly Bresser 

00 In Conversation

A Conscious Return To Zero: Conversations With Mary Curtis And Shelley Norton by Grace Lai

00 Made Aware

Any Texture

by Zwia Lipkin

00 Informed Source

Manufactured River: Art And Wastewater Treatment 

by Lindsay Olson

00 Spotlight On Education

Umeed (Hope) 

by Sadia Kausar

Neon CRM by Neon One